Terms of Use

We are working for a long-term cooperation!
Updated at: 2022/09/02 | Version: 1.0.6

Terms of use

Here we read the rules mentioned by Rotic for a long-term communication and cooperation. Rotic does not seek personal benefits in the observance of most these rules and regulations, and these rules are designed to protect the rights of users. You may pursue specific purposes for using our services; Or you may want to use this service in a different way, we have reviewed all the available conditions and by setting these rules, we will clarify the terms of cooperation for you.

General rules

  • Rotic is managed in Iran and is subjected to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Therefore, if a user uses our services to commit an illegal act, his information will be referred to the competent authorities.
  • Using Rotic on sites with illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, harmful, immoral, money laundering, information theft, racist, defamatory or vulgar content is not permitted and the account will be blocked if observed.
  • Using Rotic to exchange content with illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, harmful, immoral, money laundering, information theft, racist, defamatory or vulgar theme is prohibited and services will be terminated if observed.
  • Using Rotic in network sales sites without a license from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, and pyramid companies of any kind and in any country is not allowed; The account will be blocked if observed.
  • Using Rotic is prohibited on investment click advertising sites known as boxes on the Internet and the account will be blocked if observed.
  • Using Rotic is not allowed for buying and selling the following goods:
    1. All cases prohibited in the country's computer crime law
    2. Lottery, gambling and betting cards
    3. VPN and bypass filtering cases of the Islamic Republic of Iran
    4. Any hacking and intrusion teaching and unauthorized access
    5. Goods that do not respect the rights of the publisher in a way (contrary to copyright law)
    6. Goods that have not been approved by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of the Islamic Republic of Iran
    7. Cigarettes and other tobacco products
    8. Drugs and psychotropic substances
    9. Alcoholic beverages and intoxicating beverages
    10. All kinds of hot and cold weapons
    11. Goods that exchanging them have special rules and regulations
    12. Goods that pose a serious risk to the consumer
    13. Goods whose trade is prohibited by law
    14. Goods that is prohibited to exchange by law
    15. Goods that somehow encourage or facilitate illegal activities
    16. Smuggled goods

  • The dissemination of Internet viruses for the purpose of abusing Rotic is not allowed and if it is observed, the offending user ID will be dealt with and the issue will be followed up through legal authorities.
  • Collecting and storing personal information about other users for commercial purposes through Rotic is prohibited and the offending user will be dealt with if observed.
  • Using Rotic for espionage purposes is prohibited and Rotic has committed to its users in this regard, so the offending account will be blocked immediately.
  • Using Rotic for censuses, statistics and social questionnaires without prior notice and coordination is prohibited and the offending user will be warned.
  • Minors (under 18 years old) are not allowed to use corporate and organizational services.
  • Using multiple accounts for one domain is prohibited, and other user names of the offender will be blocked if violations are observed.
  • Under the Information Security Policy, Rotic commits to protect users' private information and to keep this information confidential and not to disclose it to others. Of course, except in cases where the law requires it to do so.
  • Rotic will never request information from its users via email. Other Rotic requests are made through tickets and within the website, and email will be used for informational purposes only.
  • Formalization of your services in the form of using the Rotic name and trade mark is strictly prohibited and the offending user will be prosecuted.

Using the chatbots

  • User messages are stored in Rotic with the user's name; But Rotic receives this information from the messenger itself to provide user more accurate services. This information can not be outsourced and if you try to save this information, your account will be blocked by sending a notification.
  • Rotic is intentionally not active on some messengers, so the release of a robot named Rotic even by the messenger will be prosecuted.
  • There are no SDK provided by Rotic for some programming languages currently, so claiming that the published SDK is official will have legal implications.

Financial department

  • The method of calculating the price of each message in the PAYGO plan from the basic figure of $0.03 per message is based on a calculation formula that has increased with the increase in the number of normal and advanced commands, robots as well as channels of each robot, and on the other hand By increasing the charge of the user panel, it will be reduced according to the same formula. Rotic reserves the right to increase its formula or coefficients without prior notice based on the economic conditions of the community.
  • The change in the per-message rate in the PAYGO plan happens after each user account recharge, adding new commands or chatbots. and Rotic acknowledges that, except for the mentioned cases, it will not have the right to increase the current rate of customers without prior coordination or notification.
  • The rate of Rotic's PAYGO plan will not be less than 0.03 € per message under any circumstances. If you need to calculate a lower rate, you can use higher plans.

Using the intelligent core

  • If we believe that your activities are in order to reverse engineering of architecture and how the Rotic smart core works, your account will be blocked.
  • If any secondary brand in the fields of artificial intelligence, the intelligent robot and chatbot using the Rotic web service is launched, the account and web services provided will be blocked. Rotic has no plans for this collaboration at the moment.
  • You acknowledge that the full authority of the data collected and how it is used for the uses that are in the interest of Rotic and does not conflict with the items listed in terms of the Privacy Sheet; will be with Rotic.
  • Implementing a smart core web service on multiple websites is strictly prohibited and contrary to Rotic financial plans; Therefore, the user account will be blocked after the initial warning.

Using the academic services

  • The academic plan is completely non-commercial and you do not have the right of commercial uses and start a business based on this data and services.
  • The responsibility for crawling on websites whose data contains intellectual property and copyright, lies with the customer and Rotic is not responsible.
  • If the your reason for using this data is the publication of an article or a research work; We would be happy that you mention the name of Rotic in your article.
  • Rotic is not responsible for backing up the student account information.

Using the personal services

  • You are allowed to delete your personal information stored on Rotic servers and Rotic has provided this infrastructure for you.
  • Rotic is not responsible for the loss of data stored by you, but encourages itself to provide a permanent service.
  • Rotic may be disabled on a messaging platform at its own discretion and reserves the right to do so.
  • Rotic may discontinue its services for free and require you to pay a fee to continue providing your services.
  • Rotic is required to notify you before changing any of the items above.

Most of these laws are in order to protect the rights and privacy of users.