Privacy Policy

Protecting your sensitive data is our responsibility!

Privacy Policy

We're very pleased to have come to this page because you probably intend to give us the trust of giving your sensitive data or users.

Here we explain what data we receive from our users or you and what data we process. It's fascinating to know what data we store and how a network of interceptable information is made available to us.

With all the events and crises that threaten a business but we assure you that your information is secure.

Personal Information

  • User messages in online chat, telegram, facebook or anywhere else robots
  • Some of your account information provided by Telegram that is not functional
  • The websites you visit and the network you move to (not yet launched)
  • The information you submit yourself in our User Panel

How to collect information

  • Online chat tools on websites
  • Facebook, telegrams and other robots
  • Attendance on websites of the Rotic Wide Network

Use User Information.

The responsibility for how this large data is used is the responsibility of the third party data user, but we are very sensitive to the behavior of our customers in terms of receiving and processing information. It should be noted that Rotic has no affiliation with any military or intelligence organs.

Disclosure of user information.

The result or conclusion of your data in a large way without providing your private information or the content of your messages may be available to service companies in the field of content provision or data analysis and testing.

Details of user information disclosure.

  • Percentage of use of specific words
  • Search dates for words
  • Some of your behavior towards our answers

We act rigorously to ensure that information is not easily available to companies or groups that should not have access to this large amount of data.